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10 Best SanitaryWare Brands in India to Revamp Your Bathrooms

10 Best SanitaryWare Brands in India to Revamp Your Bathrooms

The bathrooms are an important part of our lives and must be lavish and luxurious. They are as important as our rooms. They relax our mind and soul. So, you can make them glorious and attractive by using different sanitary ware brands in India. Sanitary ware products are faucets, water closets, bath and shower products, and wash basins.

You must take the below-mentioned points into consideration while selecting a brand.

  • Variety of designs to satisfy your customer.
  • One-stop solutions for bathrooms
  • Price and quality offered
  • Providing the required accessories, diagrams, and fixtures
  • Excellent customer after-sales support.

Here Is The List Of The Best Sanitary Ware Brands In India For Your Inspiration:

1. Kohler India

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It is a US-based brand with more than 50 manufacturing plants in the world. The manufacturing unit in India is in Jhagadia, Gujarat. The production capacity is approximately 1.5 million pieces per year. Kohler manufactures premium toilet products. It produces high-quality, user-friendly designs. It produces tanks, toilets, bowls, water-efficient toilets, pedestals, and urinals. We are a Kohler dealer in Surat. They provide excellent after-sales service.

2. Cera Sanitary Ware Ltd.

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It is one of the fastest-growing brands in India. It started its operation in 1980. It offers a full bathroom solution. The manufacturing unit is located in Kadi, Gujrat. It was awarded a trusted brand award in 2015 and a power brand award in 2013 and 2012. It manufactures urinals, washbasins, seat covers, water closets, and cisterns.

3. Hindustan Sanitary Ware Ltd.

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It is one of the largest sanitaryware producers in India. It has two manufacturing facilities in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, and Bibi Nagar, Secunderabad. It manufactures their product by the name of hardware. It manufactures products under the names Hindware Art, Hindware Italian, and Hindware. It produces various bathroom solutions like tiles, shower panels, closets, water closets, urinals, washbasins, bidets, cisterns, and water heaters. The designs are available for all kinds of customers.

4. Jaquar


They are popular for their faucets. They first started to trade sanitary wares and then started their own manufacturing facility in Gujarat. They have many dealers in India and offer a 10-year warranty for their products. They provide a complete solution for the bathroom and provide a wide variety of bathtubs.


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It serves high-end customers. It launched its new model flush toilet, the Tornado flush toilet. The flushing mechanism is different from classic flushing. The process of flushing is better than that of classic-model water closets. It manufactures products like bidets, toilets, suite collections, bathtubs, lavatories, washlets, showers, and bathtub accessories. You can visit the TOTO Showroom in Surat.

6. Parryware Roca

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It is the oldest sanitaryware manufacturing company. It manufactures products under the name of Roca. It has a strong distribution network in North and South India. It has three production units in Ranipet, Dewas, and Alwar. It is the first brand in this category to be awarded as a Super Brand in India. It manufactures closets, bath tubs, basins, urinals, traps, lab sinks, seat covers, and electronic flushing systems.

7. RAK Ceramics India

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It is a Dubai-based company that manufactures ceramic products. It offers complete bathroom solutions, including faucets, tiles, and healthware. Some of the products are bowls and counters, back to wall, extended wall hung, pans and urinals, and regular basins.

8. Vitra

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Vitra is a leading international manufacturer of sanitary ware, based in Switzerland. The company offers bathroom furniture for sale in more than 60 countries, including India. We are a Vitra Authorized Dealer in Surat. Vitra manufactures bathroom sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, shower system, taps, mixers, flushing solutions, and other bathroom accessories.

9. Duravit Sanitary Ware

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It has around nine manufacturing facilities worldwide. It started plant commissioning and erection in 2010 in Gujarat. In the year 2013, it launched a complete bathroom series. It serves high-end customers and produces console basins, sinks, urinals, toilets, shower trays, bath tubs, and bidets.

10. Eros

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It is a Mumbai-based sanitaryware company. The company started its operations in 2008. It manufactures products such as pedestal washbasins, suites, platform basins, counter basins, closets, accessories, and urinals.

You can select the best sanitary ware brands in India. You can select the designs according to your requirements and lifestyle. It must provide you with a great sense of satisfaction and luxury. It must bring refreshment and joy to your lifestyle.

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